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I did 3 women off 1 Black Heffs pill. This pill is the TRUTH!!! – Mason, 48

I had her tapping out not once but twice in the same night. Superman LIVES! – Tim, 42

The Black Heffs pill had my penis saluting when the wind blows. All I needed was a flag. – Bruce, 43

I took the Black Heffs at 6 pm. We got started about 6:30 pm & didn’t finish until 12-1am. I swear that I had her speaking in tongues. – Brody, 58







* This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

dj justice

this black heffs… this is some serious boost to your over all sex drive… when they say it keeps it hard it do… best product of the year… all natural and effective….


This stuff is awesome. My boyfriend took it, and I was very pleased with the results. He is 51 years old, and I must say I very very very satisfied. I’m still having flashbacks of our pleasurable time.

damien heavy




Mr. Majic Coffee

The Black Heffs pill is the TRUTH. Me & my lady had a serious session that started around 11:30pm. We took a break around 1am, & she asked me if I was sleepy. I said that I was, but HE isn’t. Lol! Needless 2 say that we ended around 4:30am. Black Heffs has truly changed my SEX GAME for the better.

Timothy B

I was initially a skeptic but now a true believer. My fiance and I went three times with no problems, and my member was rock hard. He could have gone again but we were both pretty worn out. She had no problems with the results of me popping a single Black Heffs pill. This is some good stuff and will make sure I stay stocked up on Black Heffs!

Soul Watson

Listen, I really think that they should change the name of this pill from Black Heffs to THE TRUTH. Having used both Viagra and Black Heffs I can tell you the important difference that I saw between the two. VIagra will make you King for a few hours…..Black Heffs will make you a RULER for many moons! Stamina is the game changer and I feel like I’m 19 again!


I asked my partner…how much would she pay to have the experience that she had last night if it were to come in a pill (she didn’t know that I took a pill)….and she said she would buy it for $100….for just one pill!!! That’s real talk!


I don’t know how many women have been writing in to say thanks, but I wanted to express my sincere feelings. My husband has had some issues since we were married. I have tried to be patient with his problem, but was never satisfied. I bought some Black Heffs and asked him to try it. I think I hurt his feelings at first, but he agreed to give them a try. All I can say is WOW! From the first time he used it, sex was INCREDIBLE. Our sex has gotten even better. He can now last until I’m fully satisfied, and it’s only been a couple of weeks. I just wanted to say “Thank You VERY, VERY Much”. We will be Black Heffs customers for life.


I just turned 53 and have been suffering from erectile dysfunction for more than 8 years. Different techniques and medications did not help me or were only useful just for a while and then the problem returned. Only with Black Heffs could I obtain perfect intercourse and a reliable effect. I was super hard and it lasted for so long that my wife was overjoyed. My libido and intensive climaxes were much better with Black Heffs than any other medicine that I have ever taken. My wife & I will be enjoying this product again.

Titan SS

Testimony from Titan SS…….

Every man would like to think that he handles his business in the bedroom right?! So when I was given this pill by my lady friend I was like WTF?!! You have to be kidding me right? I’m blowing your back out on a consistent basis and washing sheets every other day, so she was definitely getting the biz…….I know (With an Arrogant Smile). I told my little sex crazed associate that I didn’t need any sexual enhancers, because I walk on toilet paper……I’m the @S%* in bed.

So this pill sat in my dresser drawer for over 2 weeks, I also had to do a little research to make sure she wasn’t trying to drug or poison my @$$ (You Never Know). I would bring up the pill in casual conversation, because I knew she was anticipating me taking it. In my mind I didn’t understand why she offered this to me, because there were NO SEXUAL PROBLEMS! You’re only suppose to fix stuff when its broke……that’s the rule. Then the sneaky, evil, manipulative side of me came out and said, “If she wants you to take that pill…..Gone head and give her the punishment she DESERVES!”

I took the Black Heffs pill with some Paul Mason (Very Expensive Brandy) and waited….nothing happened. So we started our usual routine! OMFG I was transformed into a Titan warrior and yelled out, “Sparta! (pause) Attack!!!!” This was like nothing I had ever taken before…..I had freakish stamina, infinite energy and God-like strength. I was swinging the Excalibur so well, she had to look back at me during battle. I don’t think she expected to see me back there, laying down the law…..”Yes It Tis I”, I said LOL. I tortured her for little over 3 hours in every nook and cranny in the joint……Hell that’s what she gets! I started to feel bad after she her legs went numb and she started having multiple intense orgasms (Not Really)!

So take the advice of a Titan…….this pill is a Bad Little Mofo, in fact that should be its name! This pill turned a good spades player into a 11 Book Boot Running Mofo…….

You’d be stupid not try this…….and I’m out this Beach to get some MORE! My motto is,”If you’re not cheating, your not trying!”.

Q. Macon

I have tried other enhancements & this one is the TRUTH!!! I stay ready & hard for DAYS! And the best part about it…. NO SIDE EFFECTS!!!

Troy D. Billups

I forgot to mention that in my review, but you are absolutely right I was amazed that there were no side effects.

Troy D. Billups

I don’t have any issue getting up to standard, but a friend of mine gave me a Black Heff pill that I held onto for over a year. One day I just happen to come across the Black Heffs and I thought “what the hell” I’ll try it out. Let me tell you something, that was the best sexual experience of my life and I still could have gone for more and did. I have recommended this pill to ALL of my friends and will continue to do so. Black Heffs are the truth!!!

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